Paths to Peace

Stress management and wellbeing through mindfulness and yoga therapy

Paths to Peace

Paths to Peace

Stress management and wellbeing through mindfulness and yoga therapy

Eight-Week Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness for Healthy and Contented Living

Eight-week mindfulness courses in Colchester, Essex and Suffolk.

Paths to Peace offers structured eight-week mindfulness courses in Colchester designed to help you develop a daily mindfulness meditation practice and bring mindfulness into everyday life. It is usually offered in small groups but can be taken on a 1:1 basis or adapted to a workplace setting for team building, wellbeing and stress management initiatives.

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Commences 3rd June 2017 – eight Saturday morning sessions in Boxted, Colchester.

Course fee: £180 inclusive of all written and audio materials.

For 1:1 tuition, please contact Louise for prices, content and venue options.

Who’s it for?

Suitable for complete beginners through to more experienced meditators. Useful for dealing with stress, anxiety, the strains of chronic illness, pain management, emotional upheaval, low mood and self-esteem issues. Not suitable for those currently suffering with clinical depression or in crisis but can be effective for preventing a recurrence of depression for those who have previously suffered.

What’s involved?

Classical mindfulness meditation techniques including meditating on the breath and body, mindful movement (slow, meditative physical movements and stretches), compassion focussed meditations and practices, discussion, informal mindfulness practices and the cultivation of mindfulness in daily tasks and interpersonal relations. Participants will need to set aside 45 mins – 1 hour per day (in-between weekly sessions) for formal mindfulness meditation and informal mindfulness practices.

Please contact Louise on 01206 272453 / for further information or to register interest.