Paths to Peace

Stress management and wellbeing through mindfulness and yoga therapy

Paths to Peace

Paths to Peace

Stress management and wellbeing through mindfulness and yoga therapy

Stress Management

Effective stress management involves both mind and body!

Paths to Peace can offer an integrated mind, body and breath-based approach to stress management.  This can be useful since stress is often exacerbated by thoughts, perceptions, worries, emotions and anxieties following on from stressful and traumatic events, resulting in ongoing suffering  in mind and body, even after the events themselves are over.  The physiology of the body is impacted and compromised by stress and changes in the brain occur too.  The autonomic nervous system can go out of kilter and we remain in a state of hyperarousal, which is exhausting for the body and can result in illness.  Anxiety and depression can also be triggered by ongoing stress.

In recent years, psychologists, psychotherapists and neuroscientists have increasingly begun to recognise the merits of using body based approaches, breathing techniques and meditation techniques such as mindfulness as complements (and perhaps for some who may prefer, as alternatives) to traditional talking therapies. In Eastern traditions such approaches stretch back through the ages in such disciplines as yoga, qi qong, tai chi and buddhist teachings on mindfulness and compassion. It’s interesting to note how much western science is now recognising the therapeutic benefits of such practices.  This is because of a greater understanding of the link between mind and body and brain imaging techniques that reveal how such practices impact on the neurocircuitry of the brain.

Louise Fortunato, Paths to Peace founder and stress expert is highly trained in the disciplines of yoga and meditation (including mindfulness). She also teaches deep relaxation, calming breath work and compassion focused therapy.  All of these practices can have a beneficial and balancing effect on the autonomic nervous system, addressing the imbalance between the sympathetic (fight and flight) and parasympathetic (rest and renewal) nervous systems and some of these approaches have been proven to rewire the brain. If you are suffering from stress and its effects on health and happiness, a blend of these techniques (or indeed a single discipline be it mindfulness or relaxation or yoga) could produce hugely beneficial results, helping you to build resilience to stress and equip you with strategies to deal with both stress and its offshoots (such as anxiety, panic attacks or sleeplessness for example).

Why not book an initial consultation to explore a bespoke approach to managing stress? Over subsequent sessions, practices are evolved or added to as you change and develop.


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