Paths to Peace

Wellbeing through mindfulness, compassion practices and yoga therapy

Paths to Peace

Paths to Peace

Wellbeing through mindfulness, compassion practices and yoga therapy

Grounding and mindfulness for stress, fatigue, anxiety and pain management.

Ten week structured grounding and mindfulness course.

How do I stop my mind from whirring and perk up my immune response at the same time? Will I ever feel less tired? Can I stop worrying about pretty much everything?


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Grounding and mindfulness may be appropriate for you……

Have you always wondered why the human mind is a time traveller that never stops thinking and stressing? If so, you may want to stop worrying and smile a bit more often using a blend of ancient and not so ancient techhniques to think more compassionate thoughts towards yourself and others, breathe a little deeper and calm down a tired, stressed and angst ridden body.

The grounding and mindfulness course in Boxted, Colchester, Essex, is suitable for anyone who is stressed and looking for ways to calm down the busyness of the body and mind using grounding and mindfulness techniques. The structure of the course enables the grounding phase of yoga and stretching to regulate a stressed nervous system first that is often the course of fatigue, worry, gut based nervous tension and heart stress. However, whereas many mindfulness based stress and depression reduction courses are focused only on structured meditation practice, Paths to Peace offers a more body based approach first to ensure that those who are very anxious and wary of introspection and meditation are able to feel safe and well enough to attempt  meditative and relaxing practices that will nourish the mind and calm the body.

Commences in April 2018 – eight Saturday morning sessions in the garden yurt, Boxted, Colchester, Essex.

Who’s it for?

For those wanting a meditation and yoga practice to help sleep deficit, fatigue, stress, anxiety, fear and pain management (however, be aware that the yurt is a tent-like structure and has no disabled access). The course is NOT SUITABLE for those with current depression and PTSD, however, do contact me for another course or 1:1 yoga therapy for these conditions.

Course Content:

Blended techniques from yoga and mindfulness meditation are given over the duration of the course with workbook and recorded meditations to practice in between sessions. The format is guided practice and discussion during the sessions with a chance to interact with other course participants and opt to share thoughts on practice and experiences during the sessions (if wished). The therapeutic aspects of the course are not intended to replace any psychotherapy, counselling sessions or CBT that you may also be undertaking and is not a therapy for mental health conditions.  The GP may be recommending mindfulness courses in many cases, however, the model is not for anyone in crisis or those with clinical depression, psychosis or any other severe mental health condition.

Note, a car is necessary to be able to travel to the course location unless you live in walking distance to the village. There is no regular bus service in Boxted unfortunately.

Please contact Louise on 01206 272453 / for further information or to register interest.


5 Brook Cottages, Wet Lane, Boxted, Colchester, Essex, CO4 5TW

Course Fee: